NCSCB Certified Splicing

Cable splicing is a key component of any medium voltage service and is crucial to the longevity of your project. That’s why we have taken extra care to insure that our personnel are NCSCB Certified. We have 4 of the 254 NCSCB certified people.

What is NCSCB you may ask ?

NCSCB stands for National Cable Slicing Certification Board. NCSCB has developed a comprehensive program that allows an individual to demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills and abilities in splicing and terminating shielded electrical power cable. By the passing of both a written and a performance (practical) exam, competency of splicing will be recognized by the issuance of a certification card in the specialties that were examined.

NCSCB Projects

Advanced Electrical – Installation of transformer, pole, wire and terminations at multiple Solar Farms

Rycor Services – Pull cable from MH 3170 to pad mount transformer, terminate cable and test

Woonsocket Waste Water – Electrical cables and terminations

Newport Navy Base – Terminate cables, grounding in 4 transformers and complete tape splicing

Kentucky Dam – Install terminations for hydro electric plant